As the leader in Application & Infrastructure Management for high-performance Websites, MimEcom can help you find a solution that fits your e-business management & operational needs. Whether you are just starting to build your e-business or are feeling pain with your current site, MimEcom can translate your strategic needs into a cohesive operational management solution. Take a look at the following scenarios, check which ones apply to your situation, and learn how MimEcom can help your e-business today!

1. Your customers are complaining that their Web pages take too long to display and the problem is continually getting worse as more customers try to access your site.
2. You are starting a new e-business initiative within your company. Your internal development team or your System Integrator is getting ready to develop the custom application. You realize that you have no experience and no resources to architect and design the infrastructure needed to deliver the performance and reliability that your e-business application requires.
3. You are tasked with operating an e-commerce site but your internal IT department has no experience in managing an e-commerce site, and you are finding it very difficult to hire people who have the skills required to do it.
4. You want to build a new e-commerce site, but you do not want to have to interface with so many different technology providers when trying to manage and resolve issues.
5. You are building an e-commerce site in the US first but you want to make sure that you will be able to smoothly expand internationally and offer your services in Europe and Asia when the time comes
6. The cost of operating and maintaining your e-business is skyrocketing.
7. Every time your Website crashes, you never know where to turn. Your operations department blames the development team who blames the software vendor who claim it's a hardware problem.
8. You are building an e-commerce site that requires frequent changes and updates. Often when a change is implemented, it causes something else in the system to break thus bringing your Website down while you try to fix the problem.
9. Business is booming on your e-commerce site and thousands of people are hitting the site at once. The success of your e-business is scaring you because your site keeps crashing and can't handle the load.
10. Your IT department spends so much time putting out daily fires that no one has the time to think about what new technology is available and how you are going to continue to grow your site.
11. You have heard about solutions to outsource some part of the ongoing management of your e-commerce site. However, you want a solution that covers all of your operational issues.