MimEcom's management team consists of a broad array of industry experts with breadth and depth in Internet services.  MimEcom’s investment partners are world leaders in private financing and provide us with an unparalleled knowledge and relationship base.

Management Team



Darl Davidson

CEO & President



Matthew Mochary

Founder & Chairman



Michael Carrier

Founder & CTO



Fred Gerson




Jim Slattery

Chief People Officer





Robert Singsank

Vice President, Sales



Sharmila Shahani

Vice President, Marketing



Bill Doss

Vice President, Business Development



John Whinham

Vice President, Operations



Rody Biggert

Vice President, Engineering



Garland (Bo) Lasater

Vice President, Strategy



John Sheputis

Vice President, Western United States



John Tilley

Vice President Europe

  MimEcom Corporation is a privately held company funded by leading venture and financial firms:
  • Weiss, Peck & Greer
  • Spectrum Equity Investors
  • Baker Capital
  • Azure Capital Partners
  • Greylock
  • Credit Suisse First Boston
  • Bluevector
  • Rare Medium
  • Aman Ventures
  • Boston Millenia Partners
  • Putnam
  • Wheatley Partners

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